Lincolnshire Party Magician and Mind Reader

Lincolnshire Entertianer

Lincolnshire Party Magician & Mind Reader

Based in Lincolnshire, Dean travels all over Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and beyond!

Dean is available to perform his unique brand of close-up mind reading at any event, from banquets to dinner parties, summer balls to wedding receptions. Dean performs incredible feats of mental perception that are guaranteed to create excitement and bring your guests together. He acts as a wonderful ice breaker that’s guaranteed to get people talking and interacting.

Whatever the occasion, close up mind reading is a great addition to any party, whether it's a small house party or a large venue I can tailor my performance to suit. There are 3 options:

Lincolnshire table magician

Option 1: Strolling Mind Reading

If you would like a relaxed style of performance I can mix and mingle with your guests performing close up strolling magic. Imagine transforming your party or corporate dinner into an unforgettable event that becomes a talking point for years afterwards.

Whatever the reason: birthdays, Christmas, weddings, dinners, exhibitions, and corporate hospitality are just some of the events that can benefit from a magical experience provided by Dean.

Lincolnshire party magician

Option 2: The Secret Room

If you want to throw a party with a difference, why not book the Secret Room experience for your party. This is one of your rooms that isn't part of the party - set up to take approximately 5 - 10 people (depending on how many people are at your party) and a small performance area.

Guests are invited to enter the Secret Room in small groups having no idea what's inside, this creates a buzz of excitement around the party about what might be in the room.

Once inside your guests get an intimate performance of close up magic and mind reading effects for around ten to fifteen minutes (like a mini magic cabaret show), this enables me to perform tricks that I wouldn't be able to while performing strolling magic.

At the end of the performance the guests are sworn to secrecy and are told to "make up" what was inside the room when asked by the guests who have not been in yet. A unique way to make your party memorable.

Parlour magician

Option 3: Parlour Show

For small parties I can perform my parlour show - similar to the of Mystery Experience but one long performance to everyone rather than to small groups.

To discuss how Dean’s talents can transform your event, contact him directly on 07835260212 or via email on