Christmas Party Entertainment - Unique Mindreader & Magician

Lincolnshire Christmas magician 

Christmas Party Entertainment 

Wow your staff this Christmas! 

Christmas parties are a fantastic way to relax, let your hair down and celebrate the year. Hiring a professional entertainer for your company Christmas party is a great way to show the employees that the company truly cares. 

Why Book a Mind Reading Magician for your Xmas party?

It’s a perfect boost for morale, and it’s also an excellent way to make the event feel like a celebration! 

Christmas is the perfect time to hire a magician. Whether your event is an office Christmas party, or a party for family and friends, Dean's unique blend of magical mind reading will bring an unforgettable performance to your Christmas event.

When you’re dealing with a magician who can provide close-up, or walk-around, it is a great way to encourage socializing, laughing and a feeling a goodwill. 

Lincolnshire Christmas Party Entertianment 

Combining contemporary magic and psychology, Dean's style of Mentalism produces one of the most extraordinary acts you will ever experience. Revealing your thoughts. Making impossible predictions. All this and more will be witnessed in unbelievable, close up demonstrations.

You’re probably thinking it’s still summer, Christmas is ages away yet but it comes around so quickly!

“You were amazing and added a real special touch to the evening, everyone was talking about you and saying how great you were. Thank you so much for entertaining us"

If you are organising your party and would like to find out more about how I can add that extra magical element to your night, please don’t hesitate to contact me now and I’ll be more than happy to work something out for you.

Do something different for this year’s party: click here to get in touch for a free, no obligation quote and see what Dean can do for you.

The Holiday Season books up early, and it books up fast, so don’t hesitate. Booking your company Christmas party entertainer, especially when booking me, is easy! Do it now so that you happily check one big thing off of your To-Do list.

Dean is available across Lincolnshire, Lincoln, Norfolk, Norwich, Cambridgeshire, Cambridge, Peterborough.

Christmas magician