Kanizsa Triangle - 12/52

Kanizsa Triangle

I love optical illusions so I thought I would share a few of my favorite and with many people opting to take up 365 day challenges i thought i would try a 52 week challenge in which i will share with you a different Illusion every week. so if you have any you would like me to feature get in touch.


What shapes do you experience in the figure? What shapes are there in the figure?


The figure is often experienced as a solid triangle pointing upwards that is lighter than the background, which occludes an inverted triangle pointing downwards, and a set of black discs which are also occluded by the solid bright white triangle that points upwards. Surprisingly, none of these shapes are actually present in the figure

The Kanizsa triangle illusion makes us realise the way our visual systems work—which we do not notice in our everyday experience. Looking at the figure, most people will have the visual experience of an apparent brightness contour defining an upright triangle which is occluding three black discs and a second, inverted triangle outlined in black. Of course, these triangles do not in fact exist, and we are not perceiving occluded discs but rather ‘Pac-Man’-like fragments of discs. (‘Pacmen’ is now the standard nomenclature for such inducing elements). 


What are the best optical illusions you've found on the web? Do you have more amazing examples you don't see here?

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