Watercolour illusion - 15/52

waterfall illusion

I love optical illusions so I thought I would share a few of my favorite and with many people opting to take up 365 day challenges i thought i would try a 52 week challenge in which i will share with you a different Illusion every week. so if you have any you would like me to feature get in touch.

Look at the space inside the large rectangle, and the space between the smaller rectangles withint it. Are these spaces the same colour?

The watercolour illusion exhibits two remarkable phenomena: firstly, there is a long-range ‘spreading’ of a pale colour from one or more brightly coloured contours into the surrounding space; secondly, there is a pronounced figure-ground effect, in which certain elements will be perceived as having a definite shape (the figure) while others are perceived as a formless ground which is being occluded by the figure. In the main image on this page, the space inside the two smaller contours appears as the ground, which we glimpse through gaps in the figure bounded by the larger contour.

What are the best optical illusions you've found on the web? Do you have more amazing examples you don't see here?

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