The Waterfall Illusion - 13/52


I love optical illusions so I thought I would share a few of my favorite and with many people opting to take up 365 day challenges i thought i would try a 52 week challenge in which i will share with you a different Illusion every week. so if you have any you would like me to feature get in touch.

Waterfall illusion, or motion aftereffect, is an illusion of movement. It is experienced after watching a stimulus moving in one direction for some time, and then looking at a stationary scene. The stationary scene appears to have movement (in the opposite direction to the moving stimulus that one previously watched).

This is called the “waterfall illusion”, as it can be experienced after watching the motion of the water in a waterfall, and then attending to a stationary scene, for example the rocks by the side of the waterfall. Robert Addams popularised this illusion in 1834 after a trip to the Falls of Foyers in Scotland

Start the video below and stare in the middle and see what happens

How did you get on weird hey?!

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