Sleep Drunkenness


Sleep Drunkenness

Most people probably know that if you go for long enough without sleep, the results can be quite similar to being drunk. However, what you might not know is that too much sleep can have a similar effect.

Have you ever slept longer than usual, woken up feeling groggy, and wondered why you should feel bad when you got plenty of sleep?

It should stand to reason that you can never sleep too much—sleep is, after all, how we recharge, and many of us are constantly trying to catch up.

When you sleep for too long, your brain can get confused and leave you in a state that is halfway between sleeping and waking. This is dangerous, because many who are sleep-drunk are unlikely to realize how much of a hazard they are on the road.

One doctor tells of a patient who was so groggy from sleep drunkenness that his wife thought he was having a stroke.

Has this ever happened to you?