What is a Psychological Illusionist?

Are you looking for a Psychological Illusionist, or wondering what exactly a Psychological Magician is?

Whereas a traditional magician is able to utilise sleight of hand to perform wonderful tricks, a Psychological Illusionist is someone who can utilise a variety of psychological skills to get inside your head and create the illusion of mind reading.

Illusions of the mind include entertaining presentations of telepathy; the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses, predicting the choices of others, duplicating unseen drawings, putting a thought into someone’s mind and many more exciting demonstrations.

Psychological magic is a powerful and unique form of entertainment that is ideal for corporate and private events. When your guests witness a psychological magician or mind reader you may be convinced that what you have just seen may just be real.

What can a Psychological Magician do for your event?

Your guests and clients will be mesmerised by the psychological skills on show as Dean reads their minds and predicts their actions. Dean can offer a wide range of performance options that can be tailored to fit with your requirements. Contact Dean today to find out what he can do for you.

Why Book A Close Up Mind Reader?

Here are just a few good reasons why:

  • Unique, close up, personal entertainment
  • Stimulating conversation between strangers
  • Creating a memorable and lasting experience
  • Entertainment that your guests have unlikely experienced before
  • No necessary set-up, lighting, staging or special requirements